Sunday, November 15, 2009

Green Acres Real Estate Update - 11.15.09

Follow this link to see the current listing of home for sale in Green Acres.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Potluck and Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 10
Time: Potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow
Location: Kindly hosted by Jelene, 2521 Eastgate Lane

Topics: Proposal for dry cleaning business inside of Sahara Mart, GANG Celebration, City's Peak Oil Task Force Report, and anything else neighbors want to discuss

Neighbors Present: Jelene Campbell, Tom Capshew, John & Jessica Gaus, Ann Kreilkamp, Kevin Polk, Al & Kathy Ruesink, Georgia Schaich, Jane Spearman, Kimberly Wagner
Guests: Young Bae (Spring Cleaners) and Rachel Johnson (City of Bloomington Planning)

Dry Cleaning Proposal
Young shared with neighbors her interest in opening a pick-up/drop off branch of Spring Cleaners inside Sahara Mart East. It would occupy about 1,000 square feet of front (south) part of the Sahara Mart building. It would have a seperate entrance, which is already located appropriately. Rachel explained that this would require Young to request a parking variance (due to fewer spots than city deems necessary); Sahara Mart is already approved for a parking variance. Neighbors asked questions about the business, including proposed hours, number of employees, and sustainable/green practices. After discussion, neighbors present agreed that Young's prosal would be fine. Jane will send a note of approval to Rachel for Young's variance petition, in case it is needed.

Georgia collected dues from members. Georgia will get all dues together for Jane to deposit into the GANA account. A dues report will be provided at the December meeting.

GANG Celebration
Ann reported that the GANG celebration went well. Mostly the usual, wonderful faces, but some new folks too. The garden was sucessful put to bed and one complete year of community gardening was heralded by the group. Ann was really please with the number of people (11) who volunteered to canvas the neighborhood with flyers about the celebration. Kudos to everyone involved!

Other News
* Ann will give a talk on Transition Town Bloomington and the Peak Oil Task Force report at the November CONA meeting (11/18, 7pm, City Hall). Ann would like someone to give this talk at the next GANA meeting.
* Meteor Shower - Leonids meteor shower should take place on November 17.

The December meeting will be Tuesday, December 12; kindly hosted by Ann Kreilkamp, 134 N Overhill.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Acres Celebration - Bedtime for the Garden

(click image for full size flyer)

GANA would like to thank the volunteers that helped distribute the flyer for this event to the entire neighborhood. Thank you to Valerie and five of her children, Georgia, Jelene, Emily, Nathan, Megan, Jane, and Colin!

To find out how the celebration went, check out Ann's blog.

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