Friday, August 6, 2004

Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Nine people met at Georgia Schaich's house at 7 pm. This was the second meeting following the decision to resurrect the Green Acres Neighborhood Association. The first meeting was in early July. About a dozen people attended that meeting, and most of the time was spent introducing ourselves plus saying what we we liked about Green Acres and what we would like to see more of in the neighborhood. At the second meeting four of the people were new, and we introduced ourselves again and agreed to have the meeting last no more than one hour.

On the agenda were the following:

1. Latest news on Traffic Calming on Hillsdale-Lois Sabo-Skelton.
Lois told us that Russell White said that he was concerned that three other neighborhoods were competing for funds, and that we needed to send out ballots to those qualified to vote on traffic calming on Hillsdale. It is very unclear as to what kind of calming can be instituted, both because of funds and since the road is so narrow (roundabouts appear to be out). Lois volunteered to create a flyer to take door-to-door to those who will be receiving ballots and urge them to vote "yes" so that we can stay in the running to receive city funds for traffic calming. She asked everyone present to send an email to Russell White at to give our own views on the best form of traffic calming for Hillsdale.

2. Review Greater Green Acres Neighborhood By-Laws
The city has a brochure, "How to Start a Neighborhood Association." We agreed to set up a committee to review the Constitution and By-Laws and draft a proposal for the rest of the group. This committee will meet at 7 pm Tuesday, August 24, at Lois's house and will consist of Julia, Georgia, Lois, Ann, Marianne Shabaan—and any other interested person.

3. Discuss possible Neighborhood Activity for late Sept/ early October
After some discussion about the possibility of a neighborhood garage sale, we agreed instead to set up a committee to organize a neighborhood block party to be held sometime in late September or early October. Julia will chair the party committee. Julia and Georgia will decide when and where to hold the meeting. The committee consists of Julia, Georgia, Ann and Stanley—and any other interested person. Stanley told us that when he moved here, many decades ago, whenever a new person or a new family moved in, his block would hold a party. We would love to see that kind of welcoming return to Green Acres.

4. CONA information received about Regional Neighborhood Network Conference in Cleveland(?) Ohio
Georgia told us about this conference. HAND has five paid registration spots for persons from city neighborhood associations to attend. Included will be registration, hotel, food and mileage. The requirement is that whoever goes be willing to share information received with others in their neighborhood association. We hope to find a person from Green Acres willing and eager to go to this conference. For more information, go to the Council of Neighborhood Associations, or CONA, at

The next Neighborhood Association meeting will be held September 2, at 7 pm, again at Georgia Schaich's house, 202 So. Hillsdale Drive.

The meeting adjourned right on time, at 8 pm.

Ann Kreilkamp

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