Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Variance Request

Hello All,

I have just recently purchased the two houses at 2210 & 2214 E. 7th Street. They are currently each a two bedroom rental house. There are four separate city lots.

I have spoke with City Planner Rachel Johnson about the two houses and she has suggested that an email be sent out to the Green Acres Neighborhood Association stating what my plans are and to solicit any comments that the neighborhood has regarding those plans.

Basically the plan is this: There are four individuals lots that run East/West at the SW corner of 7th and Roosevelt. The lots are very small, 25' x 125' each. The two houses, 2210 & 2214 E. 7th Street, straddle the two middle lots(which is an nonconforming use). What I want to do is to reduce the number of lots from four to two by running a new lot line North/South down the middle. This would put each house on its own separate lot and therefore making them more conventional.

They could then be sold separately and have owner occupied potential and prevent other housing from being built on the two lots that are empty. The above picuture illustrates what I hope gives good representation of what I have described.

The reason I have to go to Zoning Variance is because if they are reduced from four to two lots, the square footage of the two lots will be less than the minimum lot size currently allowed under the UDO.

We request that comments be sent by March 26th, 2010 to both Rachel and myself at: and

Thank you,

Tom Gallagher

Tom Gallagher
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