Sunday, March 7, 2010

GANG and IU SPEA Partnership Project

GANG Partnership Project: Compost Design and Construction

In order to further the educational and community building missions of the year-old Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, we are creating partnerships of various kinds. This spring semester 2010, an Indiana University undergraduate class of 35 students is learning how to design and construct a state-of-the-art compost system for the GANA garden. This class, “E400 Environmental Sustainability,” has been created by Melissa Clark, a lecturer at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Melissa is also a member of the Bloomington Commission of Sustainability and the Environmental Resource Advisory Council for Parks and Recreaction. Various members of this class have been assigned to write a blog. Here are the first and second posts. — Ann K.

3/02/10 Brodie Hopkins writes:

Here is the first blog. No doubt it is atrocious, but I have never written a blog and I got very little information from the groups.

This is the first attempt at a blog regarding the G.A.N.G. community garden and the E-400 Environmental Sustainability class’s project. The class is divided into groups that will focus on various aspects of the community garden, such as the building of a compost bin, fundraising, as well as a case study. Each week this blog will update the readers on the progress of these groups. While it is early in the project, the class is working hard, researching and planning. The compost group is researching design options, as well as investigating local prices of the supplies needed to construct a compost bin. The fundraising group is drafting up fundraising ideas and finding local businesses that are willing to support the community garden. The case study group will be studying community gardens in a major city in the United States and trying to apply the successes to Bloomington, while avoiding the struggles. At this time, I’d like to end the first blog, please join us next week for updates on the progress each group is making.

3/5/10 Chelsie Hopkins writes:

IU's E400 class is hard at work putting together their plans for the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden this week. So far, we have only received one of the completed plans from the group that is focusing on city ordinance issues.

Their plan maps out different things they would like to accomplish with G.A.N.G such as: prohibiting the sales of any retail items on the garden site, restricting hours of operation to 5 am-11 pm daily, having on-site storage container restrictions, vegetation limits, livestock limits, limitations on the size of garden, etc. They are currently waiting for an update form the city of Bloomington to give them more information on restrictions they need to be aware of.

Stay posted as it is still early in the planning process of this project and we will have more information regarding the garden to come in the following weeks.

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