Thursday, September 17, 2009

GANG News 9.17.09

Welcome to this week's GANG News post!

Details of the past week's efforts, how to volunteer, and the current wishlist follow. Enjoy!

GANG Group Volunteer Hour 9.17.09
No official volunteer hour was held this week so that Green Acres neighbors could attend the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference in Decatur, IL.

Why & How to Volunteer
We invite all neighbors to join us at the GANG. By volunteering you can earn shares of the gardens bounty; shares earned are based on volunteer hours. There is a weekly group volunteer hour Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm, but you are welcome to volunteer anytime. There is volunteer log we use to track volunteer hours and what work was done during your time. The volunteer log (white binder) is located on Ann's porch, 134 N. Overhill.

GANG Wishlist
* volunteers to help plan and implement the garden for future seasons
* help putting the garden down for the season; various work days will be planned and announced on the GANA email list (email
* plastic blind slats (we will cut them up and use them to label plants in the beds)
* leaves, leaves, and more leaves to feed and protect the beds throughout fall and winter
* compost and mulch materials
* buckets

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