Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Meeting and Potluck

Date: Tuesday, September 8
Time: Potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow
Location: Kindly hosted by John and Jessica Gaus, 2638 E Dekist

Topics: Bypass expansion (meeting held at home that borders the bypass), use variance petition, neighborhood fun

Neighbors: Megan Assaf, Jelene Campbell, Tom Capshew, Colin Cudmore, John & Jessica Gaus, Nathan and Lulu Harman, Ann Kreilkamp, Kevin Polk, Al Ruesink, Jane Spearman, Kimberly Wagner

Update on Use Variance Petition
Tom filled the group in on the withdrawl of the use variance petition. There were several factors that led to this decision, chief among them was the cost of the city required property upgrades (sidewalks, paved driveway, curbs, etc.) and that there are deed restrictions on the Green Acres Covenant. These restrictions do not allow for a residential property to be used as a business. Doing so would open up the property to lawsuits from other Green Acres neighbors.

The meeting was held at a home bordering the bypass. Neighbors toured the yard area that abuts the SR45/46 and the sounds from the bypass dominated the conversation. Jelene offered to make audio recordings of the sound level from this property. We will try and post them on the blog. Jane reminded people of the various methods of sharing info about the bypass project (see this post for info). Ann stressed the importance of writing letters to the editor to keep this issue in the community discussion. The group decided it might be a good idea to do a petition or maybe GANA statement that we can send to the city, the chamber, IU, INDOT and other groups we think need to hear our concerns - Jane will start a rough draft and send out for fine-tuning.

Neighborly Fun/Welcoming New Neighbors
The group discussed ideas for neighborhood fun. We decided it would be too late in the season for an ice cream social. Other ideas include a harvest pie social, a battle of the bands, and several small block parties. Nathan has met some of the other musicians in Green Acres and he will see if there is interest in the battle of the bands. Jane passed out some GANA contact cards (card containing logo, email, and website) and encouraged folks to give these to new neighbors. They make it easy to say hi and share information about the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Dues
Al asked about dues. Jane will check with Georgia to get the details.

Next Potluck and Meeting will be Tuesday, October 13, potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow, location is currently TBA

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