Thursday, August 27, 2009

GANG News 8.27.09

Welcome to this week's GANG News post!

Details of the past week's efforts, how to volunteer, and the current wishlist follow. Enjoy!

GANG Group Volunteer Hour 8.27.09
Volunteers checked the general condition of plants; harvested cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, and ground cherries; and sprayed the plants with seaweed (plant food).

Outside the Hour
On 8/22, the workshop "Drought and Stress-Proofing Your Home and Garden" took place. Visit this link, to see details and photos of the day.

On 8/25, Jane and Ann planted leaf lettuce and kale, for fall harvest.

Why & How to Volunteer
We invite all neighbors to join us at the GANG. By volunteering you can earn shares of the gardens bounty; shares earned are based on volunteer hours. There is a weekly group volunteer hour Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm, but you are welcome to volunteer anytime. There is volunteer log we use to track volunteer hours and what work was done during your time. The volunteer log (white binder) is located on Ann's porch, 134 N. Overhill.

GANG Wishlist
* volunteers to help plan and implement the garden for future seasons
* help with weeding the beds; be careful not to distrub the small areas where the hay has been pulled back, these are the areas with new plants; put pulled weeds in the pile against the fence
* plastic blind slats (we will cut them up and use them to label plants in the beds)
* picnic table - materials for, and/or labor to create
* water plants for the pond
* ornamental plants for the areas around the pond and the front area of the garden
* compost and other mulch materials
* buckets

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