Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August GANA Potluck and Meeting

Date: Tuesday, August 11
Time: Potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow
Location: Kindly hosted by Ann K., 134 N. Overhill

Topics: Use Variance petition, bypass expansion, neighborhood fun

Neighbors Present: Megan Assaf, Jelene Campbell, Tom Capshew, Valerie Cox, John & Jessica Gaus, Ann Kreilkamp, Yusuf Nur, Kevin Polk, Jane Spearman, Kimberly Wagner
Gues: Rachel Johnson, City of Bloomington Planning Office

Use Variance Petition
The meeting began with a tour of 2601 E Dekist, the site of the proposed Center for Healing and Community (CHC). The garden fence and the CHC require variance approval. Tom gave an overview of the process. Follow this link to the blog post containing a message from Tom and links to the variance petition and proposed floor plan. Rachel is helping Tom and Ann on their petition and explained the process from Planning's point of view. There are several potential issues in granting this variance, including the need (expense) of putting in a sidewalk and the fact that the variance would be in perpetuity. If you would like to write a letter of support, please send it to Rachel Johnson (johnsor@bloomington.in.gov); Rachel will include letters of support in the variance packet given to the Planning Commission. The Planning hearing is August 31, so get your letters to Rachel at least 3 days prior.

Jane reminded everyone of the bypass email list and Facebook group; follow this link for the blog post with info on how to join and also, info on the blog that was put together after this meeting. We are to understand currently that INDOT is waiting on feedback from the City and IU regarding concerns with the bypass design. INDOT does not want to meet with the public until these changes have been incorporated (or rejected) so as to not meet about a plan that may not be the actual, final plan.
John got copies of portions (it is a 200+ page doc) of the plan, as it currently stands, that are most relevant to our neighborhood; these plans were passed around the meeting. John and Jessica would like to host the September meeting at their house. They live on the dead end of Dekist and would like other neighbors to experience the sound level of the bypass when school is in full swing.

Ice Cream Social
Everyone agreed that we would like to have an ice cream social. GANA has had one the past few years, and even though we didn't win the Edy's contest, we would still like to do this. Jelene and her band would be willing to play and so Jelene will get back with some dates that will work and we will select a date from there.

Jane would like to create a newsletter for distribution. The idea would be send it to the email list and more importantly, to canvas the neighborhood to let new neighbors know what is going on and how to get involved. Jane will explore the City's assistance for newsletters and Kevin said some funds for advertising that were part of the Small & Simple Grant we received. Tom offered assistance in creating the newsletter. If you have anything you want to see in the newsletter, let us know.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 8, kindly hosted by John and Jessica Gaus, 2638 E Dekist; potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow.

Respectfully submitted by me!

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