Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ice Cream Social on gorgeous afternoon

Twenty-five GANA neighbors gathered on Sunday, August 10 for our annual ice cream slurping party.This year we met in the shade at Ann's house on Overhill. The afternoon was gorgeous, not too hot or humid, and we circled our chairs near the ice cream which, of course, got pretty soupy after two hours. We were old, college-age, and middle-age, plus three dogs who got along pretty well, considering that one was a lot smaller than the others. Rather than grabbing ice cream and wandering off, most people stayed to talk and laugh and breathe in the sweet summer air. No children this time, unfortunately, but we heard there was some special event for kids on this day that probably took them away. Our event was supposed to end at 4 p.m., and didn't. We finally pulled out the chairs from a few, Kevin loaded up his big ice cream table on his workhorse of a bike, Georgia loaded the chairs into her tiny car, Ann's puppy Emma finally got exhausted from all her running around, and it was with real regret that we finally went our separate ways.

Edwards Row residents meet new 4th Street residents

Jessica and John Gaus

GANA sign with Ann K.'s street bench

Gilbert and Shirley Bushey

Bill Schaich and Ignacio Lledo

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