Friday, August 29, 2008

Green Acres One of the Most Walkable Neighborhoods in the U.S.A.

It's true! According to independent rating service, our neighborhood ranks as "very walkable", placing it in the company of the trendiest neighborhoods in Chicago, Boston and New York City.

When long-time Green Acres resident Georgia Schaich read about WalkScore in a recent Bloomingfoods newsletter, she found the site and entered her address. WalkScore instantly used Google Maps technology to compute a score based on her distance from schools, churches, restaurants, stores, parks and other amenities. On a 100-point scale, scores below 50 mean that most destinations are too far to walk. But scores above 70 suggest that you most likely could get by without a car.

WalkScore does not pretend to be a perfect measure: scores don't take into account actual road design (such as the lack of crosswalks on 3rd and the Bypass), and they vary somewhat by address within a neighborhood.

Nevertheless, Georgia was elated with her score: 80 points. By comparison, Lincoln Park in Chicago was only 76, and even trendy New York City neighborhoods scored only 83. "We're sitting pretty in Green Acres!" said Georgia. "I think we should boast about it more."

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Mia Morrison said...

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