Saturday, May 10, 2008

Neighborhood Cleanup

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
7th Street between Roosevelt and Jefferson

Every year, many of us in Green Acres emerge from our winter naps to find unwanted tires, debris, old furniture, oil, car batteries, etc. in and around our homes. How can we get rid of this stuff without paying exorbitant hauling and disposal fees?

This year, all you need to do is bring these items to the drop-off site (below) on Saturday, May 10, and the City of Bloomington will recycle, donate or dispose of them for free.

Drop-off site (click picture to enlarge)

STREET CLOSURE - the drop-off site---7th street between Roosevelt and Jefferson--will be closed to traffic on Saturday, May 10, from 8am to 2 pm. Volunteers and Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) department staff will direct cleanup traffic West-bound through this area.

AT THE DROP-OFF SITE - HAND will provide: a trash truck capable of eating trash or even couches. A vehicle for disposal of iron and metal. A truck for disposing of tires (must be off their rims). A chipper for wood (not vines, weeds, grass or roots - wood must must be 6" or less in diameter and not have any wire or metal in it. All chipped wood is available and free for the taking within the neighborhood). Containers for hazardous materials including latex paint (which must be dried prior to disposal), aerosols, flammable liquids, pesticides, fluorescent bulbs, batteries and old medications. HAND staff will handle all hazardous material.

SPECIAL RE-USE AREA - the drop-off site will have an area for items too good to throw out, but which you no longer want to store. All free for the taking!

DON'T BRING - Grass, weeds, vines, televisions, computers, monitors, appliances with Freon, liquid latex paint, large construction materials, explosives including ammunition, asbestos, or radioactive materials. HAND will not be able to accept or dispose of any of these items.

BLUE HAND-BAGS - will be available at the drop-off site for you to pick up litter from your front yard and nearby streets and sidewalks. Once full, you can leave them at the drop-off site or curb-side with your normal trash pick-up (no stickers needed). If you know of areas in need of cleanup or have some small items you can't carry yourself, please leave a comment below so that volunteer help can be scheduled.

A PLANT SHARE - on Eastgate Lane is tentatively scheduled for the morning of the clean-up. Bring your seedlings and cuttings to swap and share (watch this space for details).

VOLUNTEERS - Please be at the drop-off site at 8:30am on May 10 to sign waivers, attend the orientation and have some scones. To volunteer (if you haven't already done so), send email to kevpolk at google dot com.

WEATHER - HAND advises that in case of severe thunderstorms during the event, you should avoid natural lightning rods such as isolated tall trees and bicycles and get inside the nearest building or car immediately. If in a car, pull over well away from flooded roadways or any trees that could fall on the vehicle. If unable to take cover in time, kneel or crouch with hands on knees.

See you at the cleanup!

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