Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GANA Meeting: Cleanup, PlantShare, Biointensive

7-9 pm First United Church on 3rd St

  • Update on sign topper project
  • Report from latest MPO meeting on bypass project
  • Final report on SPEA urban forest and tree planting project
  • Report on Plant Share, May 10 (same day as Clean-up)
  • Report on upcoming CONA neighborhood association day at market, June 7
  • Final info and planning for big Green Acres Clean-Up with the city this Saturday, May 10
Our speaker for the evening will be Graham Montague, a “biointensive” gardener. According to Graham, “This is a combination of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic gardening with French intensive market gardening principles. It honors both planetary forces and soil conditions for optimal yield and sustainability.” Graham, who recently moved into Green Acres, is a naturopathic physician who worked on a registered biointensive mini-farm for four years in Paoli. He will include photos in his presentation.

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