Saturday, May 22, 2010

6th Annual Plant Share - Saturday, May 22

Enjoy Jelene's report, including pics, on the 6th Annual Plant Share:

Here are some photos from the PlantShare. It went really well. We had 11 people participate. You could not have asked for a nicer day either.

One of the great things was that Mary and Abby are master gardeners who volunteer some of their time at Hilltop Gardens and the Director of Hilltop, Greg Speichert, gave GANA a very nice assortment of plants left over from last week's sale. We got a lot of varieties of tomato plants, mint plants (chocolate and sweet), some grasses, and other wonderful plants. We also had other people bring nice plants to share.

Picture 1: L-R, Mary Sasse, Nancy Anderson, Valerie Cox, Mary Wheeler, Abby Pietsch
Picture 2: L-R, Mary Wheeler, Ann Kreilkamp, Abby Pietsch

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