Saturday, April 10, 2010

GANG Updates - 4.10.10

Lots of exciting things happening in the garden and tons of collaboration and neigbhorhood invovlement. Read on for details!

Current news on the GANG:

• Lots of seedlings growing inside, and more to be planted soon.

Lots of stuff coming to us for free!

• We got three white barrels from Coca Cola, free, thanks to Ria's advocacy (160 barrels are coming in over the next few months for sustainability projects). Coke has committed to do two projects of this kind per year.

• Dave Parsons, who has a compost business, and a member of the Transition team, had a truck load of gorgeous compost in his truck that he dropped off after the last meeting here, five of us shoveling it out. We'll put it at under the roots of every seedling when it goes in the garden.

• Thanks to Nathan and Colin's persistent efforts, we got several loads of wood chips from the company that was chopping down the trees at the corner of 5th and Overhill, and are spreading it over the ugly carpets between the garden beds.

• Jean has agreed to use his sit-down mower to mow the outside of the garden.


• Due to his other commitments, Nathan is now more consultant and advisor to the GANG, with Colin doing the work Nathan would have been doing. Colin has dug the hold for the picnic table, filled it with gravel, and put the picnic table back in. Still to be done, tiling the top of the table. Colin and Nathan have prepared the bottom underneath three sides of the fence for plants that we will put there to begin our living fence.

* SPEA workshop on for 2 p.m. next Saturday. Design for three-barrel compost system is in hand, materials to be picked up probably Tuesday. 35 undergraduates plus their teacher will be crawling over the garden, and we'll put them to work in a number of ways. Colin will direct the construction process. I'll direct and the rest of their activities (weeding, chopping up branches, etc.)

Also, in other garden-related news, Jami Scholl will be the person who creates a garden for Doug Hanvey's folks, with a permie from the permie guild as her apprentice.

Over and out!


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