Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June GANA Potluck and Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 9th
Time: Potluck begins at 6:30pm with meeting to follow
Location: Kindly hosted by Ann K., 134 N. Overhill

Topics: Ann K.'s Award and Blooming Neighbors, discussion of our neighborhood plan and how to move forward with our objectives, news & announcements

Neighbors: Jelene Campbell, John & Jessica Gaus, Ann Kreilkamp, Kevin Polk, Al & Kathy Ruesink, Georgia Schaich, Erik Schedler, Jane Spearman, Kimberly Wagner, Katie Zukof
Special Guests: City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development staff, Vickie Provine and Bob Wolford

Ann Award & Blooming Neighbors
We discussed Green Acres' participation in the Blooming Neighbors Celebration on June 6th and Ann's Certificate of Recognition in the HAND Neighbor of the Year category. Ann's award was passed around and neighbors gave Ann a round of applause for her accomplishments. Check out the blog post with pics of Green Acres' table and Ann receiving her award.

Neighborhood Plan (link to plan, pages 21-28 were discussed)
Vickie introduced Bob Wolford, who was able to step in for Nate Nickels (City Planning). Everyone thanked Bob for taking the time to join us in Nate's stead. Vickie read through our plan item by item and neighbors talked about the progress on goals and items of concern. Highlights include:
* drainage issues at Clark & 5th and Hillsdale & 5th, Vickie will report these issues; neighbors also shared their disappoint in the way the street and drainage project on east fifth did not follow more sensible, environmentally beneficial plans
* seemingly abandoned house on 8th & Clark; Vickie will report to HAND
* 3rd street sidewalk - neighbors are interested in seeing work begin on extending the sidewalk along the entire north side of E. Third Street; Bob reports that this is in the works and has city support, but neighbors should still speak with planning and their council persons to show the eagerness of the neighborhood to see this project move along
* Bypass - neighbors would like to see the plan (Vickie mentioned that City Hall should have one as should Planning, MPO, and IU Architect's Office); there is some possible action needed soon that might postpone the start of the widening project and neighbors could be needed to mobolize quickly on this issue; updates will be shared via the email list (to join, send us an email)
* Painting signal box at 3rd and Hillsdale - neighbors were curious what it would take to get the okay to paint the signal boxes, Vickie suggests contacting Miah Michaelson to discuss
* Signs - we discussed sign ordinances, both for neighborhood markers and for the GANG, it is likely that the sign for the garden will need a variance, so Vickie suggests that we talk with planning
* energy usage - neighbors discussed ideas for addressing energy usage in the neighborhood, such as carbon cutting workshops and teaching neighbors how to determine their energy usage

Vickie announced that the fall 2009 Citizen's Academy course had only 3 spots left. Jane will email the list right after the meeting about this opportunity.

Ann is working on plans for the home next to the garden. She would like to use it as a Healing and Community Center and is finding out about the variances needed to do this. The space could be used for neighborhood gatherings, movie nights, workshops; Ann would also like to have an artists space for more individual work and the garage would be available for use as a workshop to learn sustainable skills.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 14 hosted by Jane Spearman, 2611 E 5th; potluck begins at 6:30 with meeting to follow

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