Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mini Neighborhood Cleanup

Last year, we held a huge neighborhood cleanup where the City provided a chipper, hazardous waste truck, dumpster and staff. The City says it won't provide the equipment and personnel two years running, so this year we're going with Plan B: a one-hour mini-cleanup.

Details in the full post.

Saturday, May 16
11:00 am - Meet at 2521 Eastgate Lane at the conclusion of the Plant Share. Claim a street or two (we'll provide a map), pick up a blue HAND bag (or two), and fill it up with litter from "your" streets.
12:00 pm - Join us at Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG), NE corner of Overhill and DeKist, for a group photo and refreshments. Bring a full bag,take home a yummy vegan scone.
Afterward- Bring the HAND bag home and put it out with your regular trash later in the week for a free pickup.

Things to Bring:
Garden or work gloves, maybe a whisk broom and a small dust-pan.

Hope to see you there!

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