Monday, October 1, 2007

Neighborhood Improvement Grant

Here's the Letter of Intent we have submitted to Bloomington's Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program:

GANA currently uses temporary signs to announce monthly meetings and neighborhood events such as plant shares and parades. However, the signs are now heavily weathered due to frequent use. To establish a better sense of place (Neighborhood Plan, Objective 1.2), GANA proposes to replace these signs with permanent installations bearing the GANA logo, the words GREEN ACRES, and weatherproof, transparent slots to display meeting and event announcements. To support our goal of being an exemplary “green” neighborhood, the new signs would use durable natural building materials such as cob and recycled wood. These lend themselves to volunteer labor and diverse design (see drawings, ATTACHED).

Sketches by Nathan Harmon

We would start with simple but permanent signs at several prominent intersections and neighborhood entrances. Eight signs may require $3,200 of donated labor and $3,200 in matching funds for materials, professional services and equipment rental. Next, we would upgrade selected signs with structures and landscaping. Two sheltered cob benches with paving may require a total of $6,200 in donated labor and $7,600 in matching funds. GANA would recruit volunteers and donations from past and present neighbors, neighborhood churches and service organizations, and the local Permaculture guild.

Watch this space for pictures and further background on this project!

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